Reservation (platform online click here)

1. At platform online : Choose Omakase Menu (same type for whole table) or Set Menu (1 or more :1pax)

2. Checkout button : Fill contact name/email/nºtel :  then click 'save'

3. Choose the ordering method : Choose option : Table reservation & Pre-order  then click 'save'

(Do not choose the option 'table reservation')


4. Choose table size then click 'save'

5. Choose time then click 'save'

6. Choose payment method (no need to pay before)  then click 'save'

7. Click 'Place order ahead now'  , wait for accept about 3mins. 

(if sending in the opening hours, if not please wait the response until the opening hours)

If  no response please wait longer for 10mins before resend or call us at 616527729 to ask for resend


  Reservation  (WhatsApp)

Send the message to 616527729 with the menu or set.


 All order is fresh made-to-order, one by one : Time to prepare - Depending on queque, quantity, type of meal.
We also made fresh (just finish in time to pickup) for all order in advance.

 link payment : sms(mobile in spain) or email
For Delivery - For sameday :send order min.3 hours in advance and before 18h.
- Program for other day : allday